This presentation was delivered by Gianluca Mulè, Chief Operating Officer, EFQM, Belgium at the Global Organisational Excellence Congress, Abu Dhabi, 2018. Gianluca has responsibilities on portfolio development and implementation and on managing a network of 48 national partner organisations from across the world. He is engaged in the continuous development of EFQM’s knowledge-based products and services and involved in researching best practices among some of the leading organisations...

BPIR Categories

12.9 Implement sustainable business strategies
14.3.2 Implement an improvement approach/method/technique
14.3.4 Conduct a business excellence assessment.
2.1.2 Identify economic/industry trends
2.1.8 Understand the internal environment/performance
2.1.9 Assessment of the internal/external environment
2.2.4 Formulate and review business unit strategy

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