“Future of Quality in Higher Education Summit” is organized by the Quality in Education Think Tank (QiETT) of International Academy of Quality (IAQ), which is a global group of international experts and enthusiasts on Quality in Education. The summit will focus on changing trends in Quality aspects of higher education and sow the seeds to transform education in a rapidly changing world.

Managing Quality in Higher education is now on top of the agenda in all progressing higher education institutions, governments and educationists. This needs to adapt to the shifting new modes of online delivery, emerging market skills and learning tools, online entrepreneurship and changing dynamics of social environment. In the context of rapid technological transformation, profound changes in the world of work, lower levels of trust in public and private institutions, the erosion of ethical values and the rise of dis-informationin current systems of learning are challenging students and learners of all ages. Quality of Learning resources must evolve to reflect these transformations in how the quality of teaching and learning occur. The Summit aims to critically investigate these challenges and proposes better approaches, insights and case studies in uplifting Quality of Education as well as Quality in Education.

I hope this summit will raise the interest of participants in Quality of Education as well as Quality in Education in order to move forward with better insights and pragmatic improvement approaches.

Dr. Kamran Moosa, Chair QiETT, International Academy for Quality








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Author:Dr. Kamran Moosa
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