GBNewsletter Nr. 31 || November 2022

It is our pleasure to present you the 31st issue of the GBNewsletter.

With the last issues of our GBNewsletter, we have been addressing the ongoing pandemic. Until this day, people around the world helped to manage the Pandemic by achieving milestones, defying the possible and the impossible. Benchmarking, as a whole showed itself as a truly indispensable tool on combating COVID – 19 and expectantly overcome it globally.

2022 constituted the beginning of our exciting adventure of learning, re-learning and possibly re-writing the future of Benchmarking. With our renewed GBN board, we are joining forces from leading benchmarking organisations and individuals from all over the world to develop the GBN towards its vision: to be the global hub for Benchmarking.

This has been a year of major events: As part of GBN’s thrust to strengthen our connection as GBN members, we were glad to share your Triple Is (Eyes) namely Insights, Inspiration and Ingenuity in designing our next blueprint on how we can re-shape the future of Benchmarking during the 2nd World Innovation & Benchmarking Summit organised by the Philippine Society for Quality in collaboration with GBN. In addition, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 8th International Best Practice Competition & 7th Global Benchmarking Award, an unforgettable experience for all participants. Another hot topic discussed in this GBNewsletter deals with how to establish a coalition of public organizations worldwide to pursue an improvement initiative across two vital global sectors: Government & Education.

In tradition, the GBNewsletter provides valuable insights into current benchmarking activities of our members. This issue is no exception – get inspired.

We are wishing you a healthy and successful end of 2022 and a great start in the New Year 2023.

Enjoy reading and happy benchmarking!

8th International Best Practice Competition

An unforgettable Experience!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 8th International Best Practice Competition, 4th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award and 7th Global Benchmarking Award. Join us on congratulating the winners and get inspired. The competition is easy to enter and great fun, sign up for the next one!

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Re-Shaping the Future of Benchmarking

For the 4th Industrial Revolution

IGNITE. PROPEL. SHARE your Triple Is (Eyes) of Insights, Inspiration and Ingenuity at the 2nd World Innovation and Benchmarking Summit.

We celebrate the success of our 2nd edition of our phenomenal World Innovation and Benchmarking Summit.

Thank all of you for the fantastic contributions!

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Features & Failures – A Bank Fable

Suresh Lulla

Multinational Banks are known to invest in excellent infrastructure and executives. The lowest designation for a new campus recruit two decades ago, in India, was nothing less than Vice President. Salaries
matched the designation.The self esteem of these freshly recruited students was always at a zenith. They were the prize catch for the most popular campus recruiters – multinational banks (…)

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Organizational Excellence in Our Global Goverment & Education Sectors

Our OES Global Public Sector and Education Sector Initiatives

Organizational Excellence Specialists is building a Coalition of the Willing to pursue an improvement initiative across two vital global sectors: Government & Education.

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