The Global Benchmarking Network’s newsletter, 30th Edition, features a variety of benchmarking articles :

  • 13th International Benchmarking Conference
  • 8th International Best Practice Competition
  • Presenting the Global Benchmarking Network
  • Presenting the GBN Board 2022
  • Sustainability Benchmarking as Fraunhofer IPK
  • Our Global STEM Education Dashboard
  • 10 Benchmarking Case Studies Published
  • In Memory of Professor Mohamed Zairi
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The Global Benchmarking Network exists to promote and support benchmarking and best practice sharing worldwide for the betterment of society. Over 20 countries are represented in the GBN, if your country is currently not represented and there is an applicable institution that could represent your country, please encourage them to contact the GBN –  Information on GBN Membership and Contact Details.


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