Alan Samuel, PhD Researcher

The findings show that ”informally learning from others to improve work practices” (also known as Informal Benchmarking) is a promising approach with great potential in improving work practices or processes. The most effective informal benchmarking tools are from the social dimension where learning of work practices are taking place by interacting with others within or outside the organization. Click here for the full report, and here for the survey.

The next phase of my research is a more in-depth study of informal benchmarking via interviews. This will add rigour to my theory of informal benchmarking and help me create a road-map for its effective implementation in organizations.

My deepest appreciation to all who have participated in my survey on informal benchmarking. I look forward to possible collaboration with you in the future. Some of you who have indicated interest in participating further in this research may be contacted for my next phase of study.
If you would like to participate in my research in some way or do have any clarifications, please contact me at, or my NZ Mobile: +64220704436.

Thank you very much!

Alan Samuel
PhD Researcher
Centre for Organization Excellence Research (COER)
Massey University, New Zealand
Member, New Zealand Organization for Quality (NZOQ)
Organization Development Consultant
Mobile: +64220704436

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