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Summary of Best Practices

The following is a summary of the best practices and/or insights associated with healthcare excellence covered in this Best Practice Report:
  1. Develop and communicate your organisation’s goals, purposes and strategic objectives with the support of your staff; this will engage your workforce.
  2. Encourage engagement by ensuring employees:
    • are led by competent people
    • have a clear sense of direction
    • are selected to achieve desired organisational goals
    • are continuously invested in, which creates a valuable reservoir of goodwill for both good and bad times.
  3. Develop core values that reflect organisational aspirations, and inspire employees because they resonate with their own personal values.
  4. Reinforce the desired organisational culture in performance appraisals, education and training, and within formal/informal celebrations.
  5. Translate organisational values and culture into everyday attitudes and behaviour, and eradicate unwanted behaviour (e.g. dishonesty, abuse, bullying, and gossip).
  6. Establish a culture of ongoing initiatives using physician leadership to ensure future cost and quality goals are achieved.
  7. Include nurse representatives on boards and executive management teams to improve healthcare quality and safety.
  8. Employ new technologies—such as telehealth and telecare systems—to provide patient independence, security, confidence and quality of life, and to save on substantial treatment costs.
  9. As a healthcare organisation, serve as a role modelfor healthy living and fitness.
  10. Use “green principles” to operate healthcare organisation buildings, systems and equipment in a more efficient, effective and sustainable way.
  11. Use Lean Six Sigma to improve processes and eliminate waste.
  12. Use business excellence models such as the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and the EFQM Excellence Model to provide an overall assessment of your healthcare organisation’s operations, services and performance results.
  13. Use benchmarking (and the BPIR) as a means to learn from the best practices of other healthcare providers.


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