Barton Goldsmith [1] writes that you may be a workaholic if you:

  • Are more comfortable at work than in any other environment,
  • Feel as if you can't take a vacation,
  • Can’t shut off from work for a few days.
  • Use work as an escape,
  • Use your home as a "satellite office”,
  • Are unable to relax and enjoy free time or feel at peace when not thinking about or doing work.

Hard work and achievement are good things but should never take the place of loved ones or of taking care of your own wellbeing. In order to maintain good health we need to build downtime into our schedule.  At Website you can learn how to modify work-life balance.

[1] R10923 Goldsmith, B., (2007), the workaholic, Office Solutions, Vol 24, Iss 3, p 45, Quality Publishing, Inc., Mt. Airy

Neil Crawford


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