Digital publications are becoming a popular way to read. While electronic versions have not yet superseded the demand for the printed page, digital readership is definitely increasing. According to Nielsen BookScan, e-book production in the UK overtook hardback output in 2011 for the first time.

Digital publications are highly portable and today’s technology allows e-books to be read anywhere, on the bus, train, airplane or even while standing in line. Intriguingly 22 books on an e-book reader are equivalent to one paper book in terms of carbon emissions – so going digital is also better for the environment.

BPIR members: Are you aware that your membership enables you to access hundreds of professional publications at no extra charge?

One of the many benefits of BPIR membership is full access to the digital version of some 650 periodicals. Recently we have added more than 100 new Titles in more than 20 categories e.g., Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business & Economics, Engineering, Management, and Marketing.

If you are not already a BPIR member this is an excellent time to consider joining to enjoy the many benefits that are available.


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