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Yangtze River Pharmaceutical – China – EFQM Excellence Award – 2021

YRPG have a deep understanding of and effective methods for quality risk control. In the long-term management practice, they have developed a drug quality risk management and control model with the mission of “Commit for Better, Dedicate for Caring All”. The model is advanced in concept, feasible in method and has formed a local standard in Jiangsu Province. It has had a positive effect on the quality improvement of the pharmaceutical industry and can be promoted and applied to the food, agricultural and daily consumable industries.

Robert Bosch GmbH, Plant Blaichach/Immenstadt (BhP) – Germany – EFQM Excellence Award (Outstanding Achievement in Establishing a Common and Shared Purpose) – 2021

Back in 2006, BhP started to use the EFQM Excellence Approach as part of the Chassis System Control division and was recognised as an EFQM Prize Winner in 2011 for Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity. In 2012 which was a critical year for us, we announced the EFQM Model as THE management guideline for the conversion of our plant. The consistent work on potential for improvement and strengths enabled us to achieve Prize Winner level in the EFQM Excellence Award process for “Managing with Agility”.

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable – China – EFQM Excellence Award (Adding Value for Customers) – 2018

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) is mainly producing and selling different types and standards of optical fibre preform, optical fibre and optical cable that are widely used in telecommunication industry, customized specialty fibre and cable, RF coaxial cable and accessories.
YOFC has created six “globally uniqueness” in the industry: the longest industrial chain, the mastery of three optical fibre preform making processes, the independent R&D of whole equipments, the largest size of preform products, and the fastest drawing speed of optical fibre and the only state key laboratory in the industry.

Mini Assembly Plant Oxford – United kingdom – EFQM Excellence Award (Sustaining Outstanding Results) – 2018

MINI Plant Oxford is part of the BMW Group. The first ‘classic’ Minis were produced there in 1959. Today, three plants play a role in MINI production. MINI Assembly, Plant Oxford has achieved huge progress in productivity and quality since 2014 when it launched the new generation of MINI. This has contributed to forging their reputation as one of the most efficient and flexible plants in the BMW production network.