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Roads and Transport Authority – UAE – EFQM Global Award 7 Diamonds (Runner-up – Outstanding Achievement for Strategic Vision) – 2022

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has a visionary objective to become a “world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility” which supports the wider ecosystem taking account of local and global issues.
• Design and delivery of Integrated transportation services based on all stakeholders needs and expectations.
• Use of leading technology to provide comprehensive services in all modes of transport
• Expert base and in-house training and development opportunities
• Strong financial standing

Coopelesca RL – Costa Rica – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Labor Welfare Program)

The best practice is to have an integrated Labor Well-being plan that includes the Mental, Physical and Financial axes, with the aim of improving the quality of life of workers. This was developed under the premise of strengthening the well-being of workers through actions that contribute to comprehensive improvement. The program consists of developing training in 3 axes (Mental, Physical and Financial), under a plan designed with topics and schedules according to the needs of the workers, these are taught in virtual and face-to-face mode, to ensure the participation not only of the worker but also of the family, allowing participation either during working time or outside of their working day.

Etihad Rail – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Windblown Sand Mitigation Solution in Railway)

The emerging Etihad Rail network will extend some 1,200 km across the UAE, linking the country’s key centres of population and industry. Whenever you speak to anyone about building a railway in a desert environment, the first question they ask is” How do prevent the sand from getting in the Tracks?”. From its inception, Etihad Rail identified the impact of Wind Blown Sand as one of its major risks. Etihad Rail invested extensively and worked with specialist consultants to reach the goal of becoming an innovator in the Mitigation of Wind Blown Sand in a Desert Railway. Etihad Rail followed a fully scientific process to arrive at a sustainable Innovative solution.

Coopelesca RL – Costa Rica – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Purchase of land for the conservation of the forest, water and landscape in the Juan Castro Blanco National Water Park)

The practice consists of the formulation and implementation of a sustainable and solidary mechanism, which allowed the purchase of land for the conservation of forest, water and landscape in the most important aquifer recharge area of the Northern Zone of the country and the second most important of the country. In addition, the implementation of this practice also represents the adoption of measures to mitigate the effects of
climate change for the northern region of the country thus allows the preventive management of the water available for Coopelesca’s hydroelectric generation.

Coopelesca RL – Costa Rica – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Local development plan in Communities in the area of direct influence of Centreless Electricity Generation)

The best-adapted practice consists of professionalizing the accompaniment for Local Development Management in strategic communities for Coopelesca RL Local Development Management is a participatory, democratic and long-term process, which is led by community organizations and whose goal objective is to strengthen local capacities to promote the self-management of communities so that they achieve their integral development.

Coopelesca RL – Costa Rica – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Training)

The best practice is the annual training program that is created with the aim of unifying all the identified needs, in order to train 100% of its workers, specialize them and standardize the profile of each position, because previously training was given without a specific objective or planning, in addition to the limited supply of training on technical issues related to the Cooperative’s line of business”.
The Annual Training Plan is created with the aim of unifying all identified needs, such as internal training programs, strategic training, labor welfare, leadership for managers, e-learning, master’s degrees, specializations and occupational safety.
The Coopera

Coopelesca RL – Costa Rica – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Social Balance Model in Coopelesca RL)

Coopelesca RL, is the Rural Electrification Cooperative of the Northern Zone of Costa Rica, founded in 1965. It has a concession area of 4,770 km² and more than 110,000 associates. The good practice of Social Management in Coopelesca RL is part of the Sustainability strategy, which allows, through an annual Social Balance, to inform associates of the results of the actions and/or social projects carried out by the Cooperative and the impact on the development of the region.

Elisa Oyj – Finland – EFQM Excellence Award – 2021

An uncertain macroeconomic environment is still prevailing in the core markets. Elisa continuing productivity improvement development, for example by increasing automation and data analytics in different processes, such as customer interactions, network operations and delivery. Additionally, the continuous quality improvement measures will increase customer satisfaction and efficiency and reduce costs.