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Roads and Transport Authority – UAE – EFQM Global Award 7 Diamonds (Runner-up – Outstanding Achievement for Strategic Vision) – 2022

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has a visionary objective to become a “world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility” which supports the wider ecosystem taking account of local and global issues.
• Design and delivery of Integrated transportation services based on all stakeholders needs and expectations.
• Use of leading technology to provide comprehensive services in all modes of transport
• Expert base and in-house training and development opportunities
• Strong financial standing

Etihad Rail – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Windblown Sand Mitigation Solution in Railway)

The emerging Etihad Rail network will extend some 1,200 km across the UAE, linking the country’s key centres of population and industry. Whenever you speak to anyone about building a railway in a desert environment, the first question they ask is” How do prevent the sand from getting in the Tracks?”. From its inception, Etihad Rail identified the impact of Wind Blown Sand as one of its major risks. Etihad Rail invested extensively and worked with specialist consultants to reach the goal of becoming an innovator in the Mitigation of Wind Blown Sand in a Desert Railway. Etihad Rail followed a fully scientific process to arrive at a sustainable Innovative solution.

Keolis Lyon – France – EFQM Excellence Award (Outstanding Achievement in Customer Centricity) – 2021

Agility is one of Keolis Lyon’s main strengths, which has been empowered during the crisis due to the robustness and best practices of our organisation, and the commitment of our employees.In 2020, the passenger transport sector has been strongly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with an estimated 25% drop in the mobility market.
Keolis Lyon has a public service mission and we adapted very quickly and several times to the TCL network transport plan.