The Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) is very excited about launching their 1st GBN Study Mission to learn best practices of Innovative Organisations in Australia from 6-10 October, 2014.

This Study Mission promises to encapsulate every dimension that best practice benchmarking represents whilst offering excellent learning, networking and cultural opportunities in a “total experience” that should not be missed.

What are the benefits and how do I get to know more about this Study Mission?

Go directly to:

Reflect on all the learning outcomes/ benefits and take away’s, then simply, click on the ‘expression of interest’ URL, enter your details and click ‘SUBMIT’ your expression of interest at the bottom of this form with NO obligation. Important: Your interest will enable you to be ‘front and centre’ to formally register while seats are available when we come back to you with more details once the program is finalised with all speakers and hosts in a structured 5 day program. When completing the form please indicate in the box provided that it was COER or that first made you aware of the Study Mission.

What and who will we see and experience?

  • The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia’s national science and industrial research agency. It was founded in 1926 and employs approximately 6,600 staff. The primary roles of CSIRO is to meet the objectives set by the Australian Federal Government, being to find new ways benefit the Australian community and the economic and social performance of industry through research and development. A specialist SME Engagement Centre operates to undertake applied R&D and transfer this intellectual property to the SME client by placing the researcher inside the business. As at April 2014, over 100 of these Researchers in Business projects have been completed, generating wealth for SMEs and new jobs for the national interest. The CSIRO won the 2013 Australian Business Award – Innovation.


  • AMP, a leading independent wealth management company in Australia and New Zealand which has helped people and organisations build financial security since 1849 is engaged in growing corporate cultures of innovation and talent development. At this organisation you will experience AMP’s Innovation Journey and the Amplify programme as power catalyst for change and culture. See website. You will also learn how AMP transitions from Product-Centricity to Customer-Centricity. AMP will also share their  AMP Centre of Excellence in Human-Centred Design and AMP’s business transformation journey from senior executives and process owners


  • LeasePlan, a recognised previous Australian Business Excellence winner, has been on a continuous improvement journey over many years, this culture is now underpinned by making concrete the key skills of critical collaboration, critical thinking and critical communication. This continuous improvement application is innovative in many areas and recognised with LeasePlan’s collaborative LEAN thinking and problem solving process term ‘A3’as the heartbeat and quality catalyst of LeasePlan’s change process for continuous improvement. The role of A3 in LeasePlan’s Continuous Improvement change process deals with the problem background/current situation, goals and target condition/root cause analysis, collaboration and cost benefit analysis. Their self managed project team process forces structured thinking and quick communication through well integrated tools,  diagrams and simple graphics contributing to deeper understanding of any problem, its root cause and best value solution.


  • South East Water Ltd, a previous Gold Business Excellence award winning organisation.  South East Water is committed to innovative research and development of new markets, new ideas, emerging needs and total customer value and experience, specifically they will share their innovative research process as well as how they invest in new technologies ahead of the market such as digital metering, and self serve customer interfacing and reporting. South East Water has been an industry leader in Customer Service over the last 2 decades with several industry awards and recognised by Benchmarking Partnerships from detailed benchmark and comparative analysis to be in the top 3% of all Australian Contact Centres across 140 leading contact centres in the Asia Pacific region. A tour and dialogue with Contact Centre leaders and staff noting the people, culture, environment, performance boards etc is a must on this Mission.


  • CISCO,They won the international McKinsey award for Innovation. The Operations Manager and Chief of Staff of CISCO, a major global technical organisation’s Services Innovation Excellence Center will be sharing with us in Melbourne his experiences even though his Innovation Centre is in San Jose California. CISCO will share their Innovation strategies, tools and insights with you.


  • A major telecommunication organisation is considering hosting with its ‘Innovation Hub’ centre and/or Internal consulting unit, both very innovative in nature is seriously considering to host and present.


  • We are also in discussions with a global technological product manufacturer, an innovative Leadership Development government agency and others to share including an Australian agency innovative initiative that offers comprehensive, confidential advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium businesses to help them transform and reach their full potential.

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