We are extremely pleased to share the names of the six 7-Star Best Practices of the 8th International Best Practice Competition, the Finals were held on 21 July 2022.

We truly believe that every single entry of the 62 best practice applications that reached the qualifying rounds of the competition, 84 had applied, deserve appreciation and praise for their respective effort and achievements. The judging process was carried out by 10 honorable panels of expert international judges with 14 Best Practices qualifying to the Final. It was an incredibly tough task for the judges but after much deliberation, the 7-Star Best Practices were announced.

CONGRATULATIONS, and a huge round of applause for the 7-Star Recipients for their extraordinary, world-class accomplishment!

Please watch the video below for the list of winners

We are extremely grateful for the supreme support of all our judges who have so generously given their time to the Competition.
We are looking forward to yet another outstanding cycle of the International Best Practice Competition in 2023!

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