James Harrington’s latest books on innovation are now available at taylorandfrancis.com. The latest series from Harrington covers a range of current topics of debate in the area of innovation management for performance improvement. Acquiring and utilizing knowledge is the key for being innovative. However, many organisations that are enthusiastic to become excellent do not really know how to initiate their journey of innovation towards becoming excellent. The latest book series from James Harrington is a fantastic point of reference. The books provide guidelines and frameworks for innovation and process improvement. 20% discount is available on these books on placing order for copies on http://pages.email.taylorandfrancis.com/review-copy-request.


James Harrington is a prolific author having published hundreds of technical reports and magazine articles in addition to having authored 50 books. He is regarded as the father of Business Process Improvement methodology. The publications of Harrington are considered highly respectable and credible a living proof of which is that his books and reports are used by quality management consultants around the world. Harrington is serving as Chief Executive Officer for the Harrington Management Systems that has branches around the world. In addition to that, he is adding value to a number of other associations around the world: –

  • President of the Walter L. Hurd Foundation
  • Honorary Advisor for Quality for China
  • Chairman of the Centre for Organizational Excellence Research (COER)
  • President and Chairman of the American Society for Quality
  • President and Chairman of the International Association for Quality
  • He serves on the Board of Directors for a number of small to medium size companies


The book “Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship – The Only Way to Renew Your Organization” describes the ways through which creative solutions may be harnessed from within the members of an organisation. Harrington argues that creativity gets compromised with time as organisational members are trained and cultured. However, the difficult task of fostering a culture of innovation in any organisation may still be achieved as described in this book.


The second book in the series titled “Innovative Change Management (ICM) – Preparing Your Organization for the New Innovative Culture” is a guide to homogenous improvements in performance and culture. The book serves as a step-by-step guide for how to tie together project change management, cultural change management and project management concepts with innovation change management to create an effective and innovative organisation. This book is ideal for practically managing change in complex processes like process redesign and supply chain through integration of change management in strategic plans of the organisation.


The third book in the series titled “Project Management for Performance Improvement Teams” is a guide for applied team performance enhancement. The book addresses the performance improvement teams and their project managers. Efficiency is the key for modern day teams in terms of both shrinking budgets and deadlines, this book guides project managers and performance enhancement teams to adopt a proven performance enhancement framework in order to complete projects successfully.


The fourth book of the series “The Framework for Innovation – A Guide to the Body of Innovation Knowledge” focuses on compiling the body of knowledge on the subject of innovation and innovative practices for product strategy, marketing, R&D, development, and commercialization functions. This book is particularly useful for the top level management as it discusses the strategic use of innovation thus developing systematic corporate innovation. The book relates with the practices of organisations through examples and illustrations of innovation and measurement tools, techniques and metric.


To avail the 20% discount on these books, order your copies from the Taylor & Francis website only at http://pages.email.taylorandfrancis.com/review-copy-request.

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