Dear Friends and Colleagues

I am glad to share with you the release of the second issue of Volume Two of our Journal of Inspiration Economy (JIE). JIE has been getting a growing interest from the knowledge community from all over the world and especially with those interested in inspiring the world through dedicated work and scientific research like your good selves.

You can visit the 2nd issue of Volume Two and also the previous issues through clicking in the following link:

Please help us distribute and share the message of Inspiration Economy that hopefully would help to reduce the instability in world and enhance socio-economy. Let us all collaborate on pushing the role of Inspiration through research in creating better innovative and entrepreneurship, co-existence, tolerance and socio-economic developments in different societies. It is a message I believe many people is looking to hear and know about it. Hopefully we’ll get more contributions in these areas through your established network which would enhance ability to prepare for a well-organized conference in one year from now and enhance the impact factor and journal sourcing as we are starting to do that from now.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Mohamed Buheji 9/9/2015

Thank you & Best Regards

Dr. Mohamed Buheji
Excellence , Knowledge, Inspiration and Change Management Expert
Director of Institutional Research & Decision Support – University of Bahrain
Asst. Prof. of Business Admin – University of Bahrain
Founding Editor – Journal of Inspiration Economy
Founder – International Institute of Inspiration Economy

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