In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) has launched the 6th cycle of the “Executive Program for Benchmarking”. This initiative is empowering 10 government entities to embark on transformative projects aimed at making Dubai an even better place to live and work.

Formerly known as “Dubai We Learn,” this program has been one of Dubai’s pioneering initiatives within the public sector. Over the years, it has adapted to meet the changing needs and challenges faced by the government. Dr. Hazza Al Nuaimi, Coordinator General, Dubai Government Excellence Program leads this initiative working in partnership with the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), New Zealand.

The 6th cycle commenced with the training of the teams on the TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking Methodology. The first batch of 6 teams, were trained on the 18th and 19th of September 2023, followed by a second batch on the 20th and 21st of September 2023.

Figure 2 – The teams from the 1st batch of training

Figure 3 – The teams from the 2nd batch of training

Dr. Zeyad El-Kahlout, Senior Quality & Excellence Advisor, DGEP, delivered a warm welcome speech, setting the stage for a productive program for the first batch and Dr. Samah Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Consultant, DGEP, delivered a motivating welcome speech for batch 2. The training was delivered by Dr. Robin Mann, Director, COER with the support of Ahmed Abbas, Senior Researcher & Consultant, COER.

Figure 4 – Dr. Zeyad El-Kahlout, Senior Quality & Excellence Advisor, DGEP

Figure 5 – Dr. Samah Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Consultant, DGEP

Figure 6 – Dr. Robin Mann, Director, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research

The 10 projects selected for the 6th cycle were thoughtfully chosen for their capability to propel Dubai towards a leadership position, emphasizing their future-oriented impact. They cover a wide range of areas, from sustainability to digital transformation.

Government EntityProject Title
Department of Economy and TourismDubai Can Initiative
Dubai Sports CouncilDubai Fitness Centre Rank
Dubai Civil DefenceSustainability of Dubai buildings safety
Dubai MunicipalityDubai Emission Factors Handbook
DEWAHigh Electricity Consumption Alerts
Department of FinanceAlpha – Financial advisor from the future government
Digital Dubai AuthorityDubaiNow – Emirati Platform
Government of Dubai Legal Affairs DepartmentEstablishment of the Dubai International Mediation Centre (the DIMC)
Dubai Air Navigation ServicesAgile Airspace – Next Generation Airspace
Dubai CustomsPort to City Clearance

Figure 7 – List of the participating government entities and their projects

The training sessions were not only a platform for knowledge dissemination but also an opportunity for practical exercises, where teams learned how to apply the TRADE Benchmarking Methodology effectively. The photos captured during these sessions reveal the dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work of all participants.

Figure 8 – Photos from the training

With the foundation laid during the training sessions, the teams are now set to embark on their benchmarking journeys. The first major milestone in this journey is the 1st Knowledge Sharing Summit scheduled for December 2023. This summit is an occasion for the teams to come together, share their progress, and learn from each other.

As we commence the 6th cycle of the “Executive Program for Benchmarking,” we look forward to seeing the incredible impact that these projects will have on Dubai. We’re excited to see Dubai continue to set new benchmarks in excellence, one project at a time. Together, we can shape a brighter future for this remarkable city.

For further information on the Executive Program for Benchmarking contact:
Dr. Samah Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Consultant, DGEP,

For information on TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking contact:
Dr. Robin Mann, Director, COER,

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