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Membership Types
We recommend a Site Membership as this will enable all your staff to learn about and apply best practices. Membership prices are structured by membership type:
  • Individual
  • Consultant/Business Advisor
  • Student (evidence is required of your full-time student  status for this type of membership)
  • Single-Site (Standard Membership)
  • Single-Site (Committed to Excellence Membership)
  • Single-Site (Leaders in Excellence Membership)


Individual membership (excludes consultants)  Go there..

Consultant/Business Advisor

Individual membership for one consultant or business advisor Go there..


Individual membership for those enrolled in full-time education and solely for use in academic research for the benefit of the individual (not for use in consulting or for improving the performance of an organisation). Evidence is required of your student status for this type of membership. Go there..

Single-Site (Standard Membership)

Enables everyone within your organisation located at a single organisational site to have access to the BPIR. We define a ‘site' as each company, plant, business unit, or division of an organisation that is financially and operationally autonomous or independent. Contact us if you are unsure whether your organisation should be classified as a single site.

Site membership prices are structured by organisation size - This is because the BPIR.com is a resource that we recommend all your staff to use and therefore the membership fees are higher for larger organisational sites.  Go there..

Site membership passwords will only be supplied automatically to organisation domain email addresses eg., employeename@your company.com.  For Single-Site memberships each employee wishing access must have an organisation email address in order to successfully create a personal password on-line. Once your organisation has joined the BPIR.com your staff activate their own password for entry into the resource. Full details of this simple process are supplied by email on successful membership applications.  Any Site that does not run organisation email addresses should email the BPIR.

If your organisation is a multi-site organisation you may wish to consider several site memberships.

Single-Site (Committed to Excellence Membership)

This type of membership has been designed for those organisation sites that are serious about site-wide learning and business improvement. In addition to enabling everyone within your site to access the BPIR we will also work with you to ensure that it is used by your employees so that your site obtains maximum benefit from it.  Go there..

Committed to Excellence members receive in addition to the Standard Membership the following benefits:

  • Quarterly reports on the BPIR's level of use within your organisation (data obtained through our tracking system). In this way you will have an indication of how many of your staff are learning and applying best practice concepts and tools.
  • Provide your organisation with a dual branded BPIR website that also has your logo on it so that your staff views the BPIR as an internally supported resource. (see example image; small, large).  This can be accessed via a link on your website/intranet therefore providing more opportunity for your staff to visit it.
  • Provide access to the dual-branded website through a link on your own organisation's website (therefore encouraging your staff to visit your own website on a regular basis)
  • Your organisation will be profiled and linked in the member-only area of the BPIR website as a "Committed to Excellence" member with a link to your own website.
  • A one-off fee continues to provide the benefits above during future uninterrupted membership.

Single-Site (Leaders in Excellence Membership/Sponsors)

This type of membership has been designed for a select few organisations that are not only serious about organisational-wide learning and business improvement but also want to establish a visible market profile as a leader in excellence and supporter of excellence.  Go there..

Leaders in excellence members receive in addition to the Committed to Excellence membership the following benefits:

  • Your organisation will be profiled in the member and public areas of the BPIR website as a "Leader in Excellence" member with a link to your own website.
  • Your organisation will be identified as a "Leader in Excellence" in our monthly BPIR newsletter that is circulated to approximately 10,000 readers worldwide (with your logo clearly visible)
  • You will have priority access to the BPIR team to ensure that your organisation maximises the benefits from the BPIR.com.

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