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Title Publisher Country
Finnish Economic Papers The Finnish Society for Economic Research Helsinki FI
Georgia Trend Grimes Publications Norcross US
Global Economic Outlook The Bank of Nova Scotia Toronto CA
Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Baton Rouge US
Greater Lansing Business Monthly Greater Lansing Business Monthly Lansing GB
Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics; QJBE University of Nebraska, Board of Regents Lincoln US
Rand Journal of Economics, The Rand Corporation Mount Morris
Review of Business St. Johns University, College of Business Administration Jamaica JM
Review of Economic Studies, The Review of Economic Studies Limited Oxford GB
San Diego Business Journal San Diego Business Journal San Diego US
Sanitary Maintenance Trade Press Publishing Company Milwaukee US
Saskbusiness (formerley Saskatchewan Business) Sunrise Publishing Ltd. Saskatoon
Seoul Journal of Economics Institute of Economic Research Seoul KR
Service Industries Journal, The Frank Cass & Co. Ltd London GB
South Carolina Business Journal South Carolina Business Journal Columbia US
South Dakota Business Review University of South Dakota, School of Business Vermillion US
Southern Economic Journal Southern Economic Association Chapel Hill
Review - Institute of Public Affairs Institute of Public Affairs Jolimont
Japan - Australia Business Report Australian & Japanese Economic Intelligence Sydney
Bank of Canada Review Bank of Canada Ottawa
Administrative Assistant's Update Carswell Publishing Toronto CA
Capital & Class Conference of Socialist Economists London GB
CC News United Publications, Inc. Yarmouth US
Power Economics Wilmington Publishing Ltd. Dartford SA

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