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Performance management is a systematic approach directed towards organisational performance improvement through the alignment of individual performance with organisational goals.


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The stage

The most valuable resource in almost any organisation is the people who do the work.  But do they always deliver this value? If the people making up the organisation are not constantly managed and their outputs aligned then performance can quickly spiral downward. Performance management (PM) systems enable organisations to manage this most valuable resource. Today, when employee tenures are getting shorter and shorter to accommodate new attitudes towards work and career growth, it is ever more important to take full advantage of talent while it is available and to harness its output in the right direction.  PM seeks to align an employee's individual goals with the organisation's objectives, mission, and vision, and thus to underpin its ongoing success. PM systems require the development of sound job descriptions, clear accountabilities, and growing employee competency levels. Performance appraisal and coaching systems are key components for the provision of feedback to employees, and thereby to support them in achieving higher goals towards exceeding expectations.

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