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Total Quality Management has been around for many year’s and has contributed to the transformation of many companies to market leaders. Is it still relevant in a fast-paced digital world? Is it relevant for IT? And should senior leaders be taking it more seriously?

Let’s get clarity from the quality guru himself John Oakland! Listed amongst the top 10 quality gurus of our time, who has personally met the likes of Edward Deming and Crosby to name a few.

In this episode we explore

  1. Why Operational Excellence is a key strategic weapon in the digital age, and why Total Quality Management is as applicable to business and IT today as it was since the beginning of the century.
  2. discuss how a common frame of reference between leaders and operational staff as well as IT is key to ensuring organisational performance.
  3. And finally we also discuss a grounded pragmatic approach to starting your journey to Operational Excellence

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