So, what are the benefits of Business Excellence? In this blog we show the key findings from research into the impact of Business Excellence in Asia.

    • A total of 69 organisations from five Asian countries (India, Japan, Singapore, China, and Thailand) that were winners of Business Excellence awards or participants responded to a survey question assessing the impact of Business Excellence. The respondents were asked to compare their organisation’s practices, processes, and systems before they undertook their first Business Excellence assessment with their current situation (in most cases they had been implementing Business Excellence for many years). The results, shown in Figure 1, indicate that across the six dimensions (leadership; strategic planning; customer focus; people management; process management; and, measurement, analysis, and knowledge management) aggregate performance had increased from “average in industry” to “above average”.
    • The respondents were also asked to rate their business results in a similar manner. The results, presented in Figure 2, indicate that performance across all “results” dimensions (product and service; customer; financial; people; process effectiveness; leadership; and, social responsibility) had improved by a minimum of 1.5 out of 10 points. This provides a strong indication that the adoption of Business Excellence by these organisations has had a positive impact on organisational practices and outcomes.

Figure 1 – Changes in Practices, Processes, and Systems after the Introduction of BE (n = 69). Note: 0 = very poor; 2 = below average; 5 = average in industry; 8 = above average; 10 = world class.

Figure 2 – Changes in Business Results Performance after the Introduction of Business Excellence (n = 68). Note: 0 = very poor; 2 = below average; 5 = average in industry; 8 = above average; 10 = world class.

Source: Robin Mann , Dotun Adebanjo, Tritos Laosirihongthong, & Prattana Punnakitikashem, 2011. Awareness and impact of business excellence in Asia, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 22:11, 1237-1258. (Other source: Mann, R.S. 2011. Impact of Business Excellence/Quality Awards on Enterprises. 110 pages. Asian Productivity Organization. ISBN: 978-92-833-2417-1)

This blog is part of a larger report titled ‘Best Practice Brief, Issue 2: International Research Evidence on the Benefits of Business Excellence.’ The report compiles findings from studies conducted over the last 35 years, shedding light on how Business Excellence delivers economic and societal benefits for organizations and countries worldwide. The full report is available from the member’s area of Membership of is available at

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Author:by Dr Robin Mann, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, New Zealand, January 16, 2024
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