South African Quality Institute (SAQI) is the national body that co-ordinates the Quality effort in South Africa.
In the September newsletter “e-Quality Edge” there are a number of interesting articles such as “How seriously do we address risk and what is risk assessment?” and “How the Fukushima disaster could have been prevented?”.

Also, included is a description of the congress “Critical 4 Africa”, major issues in the Critical Care field in the medical sector around the world, a speech from quality guru M. Juran in 2002 where he addressed the issue of Quality in Leadership, and the regular column by Dr Richard Hayward about quality in schools where he talks about
“Punctuality” and how time management is an important skill.

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In the October newsletter “e-Quality Edge” there is an article based on W. E. Deming’s book “Out of Crisis” and his fourteen management principles with a particular focus on the need for organizations to drive out fear in order for them and their employees to reach their quality potential. In addition there is an article about using PowerPoint presentations and how to create and deliver an outstanding presentation and an article by Dr Richard Hayward about positive stress and how to help students to deal better with stress related to exams.

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Ahmed Abbas


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