In this episode of Serene View, Serene Seng interviews Mark Leonard. Mark presents the view that social mindfulness will change the world and Serene challenges this viewpoint.

Social mindfulness is ‘being thoughtful of others in the present moment, and considering their needs and wishes before making a decision’ (Van Lange & Van Doesum, 2015, p. 18). Is it a philosophy that can change the world or an idealistic idea pollyannas believe in that will never take off? Serene thinks it’s a nice idea but will never take off. People consider themselves first.

Mark played a key role in establishing the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and then founded Mindfulness Connected to provide a new approach, social mindfulness, for organisations. He is also the author of Social Mindfulness: A guided to meditations from Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education.

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Posted by:Ahmed Abbas
Author:Serene Seng
Source :Serene Seng, is the host of The Serene View. She is a Conscious Business consultant and coach. She works with companies to transform their organisational culture, and coach leaders towards becoming Conscious Leaders. Serene hosts a monthly panel discussion called Serene View. Constructive Argument is a movement that Serene has started to invite healthy disagreements. Too much of the online world is an echo chamber that polarises views. We either have screaming fights in which no one listens to the other, or “we are all one big happy family” repeating each other’s views. Serene invites listeners to *disagree* with her and her guests and have a healthy debate for mutual understanding and learning.
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