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In a recent article found at, Patrick Stafford said that if a business doesn't have a social networking presence, then it is already behind and may be hit hard by being late in jumping on the trend. The article drew on a range of experts who identified the next 15 social networking trends as being:

1. Social networking goes mobile

2. True business networking goes online

3. Social networking search allows advertisers to target

4. Social networking takes on traditional email

5. Advertisers must converse, not just sell

6. Networks get smaller

7. Why businesses will need to find the leaders of a social network

8. Crowd source or else!

9. Get set for the rise of the social entrepreneurs

10. Social networks connect to each other

11. Online retail harnesses the power of social networking

12. Twitter will be sold to Google

13. Online, money can buy you friendship

14. Don't forget the spectators

15. Defend your reputation

The detailed article can be found at:

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