The South African Quality Institute (SAQI) is the national body that co-ordinates the Quality effort in South Africa.

In the Feb-Mar newsletter “e-Quality Edge” SAQI announced the theme of 2013 Quality Week which is “Building Quality into our Nation”, SAQI is trying to promote a culture of quality throughout South Africa. In the newsletter there are a number of interesting articles such as:

a) part 2 of Paul Naysmith’s article “My Toyota Dilemma”. In this part Paul compares between registering a car in the UK and in Louisiana, US from personal experience.
b) “Does lean thinking apply to Service Industries?” by Jacques Partner”
c) “Supplier management” by Monde Mekute.
d) “Looking Back & Going Forward” by Terry Booysen,

Also, included is the regular column by Dr Richard Hayward about quality in schools where he talks about homework. Dr Hayward presents five tips for parents to help children get into a good homework study routine.


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