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The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has long relied on a wide network of experts to help us inform organizations in every sector about how the Baldrige framework can help them boost their performance for the long term. Organizations that have used the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to improve and excel, particularly Baldrige Award recipients—as well as the large corps of current and past Baldrige examiners who have conducted organizational assessments using the Criteria—often speak to national and international organizations with whom they work or within their local communities about the Baldrige Criteria and related offerings.

To support such presentations, the Baldrige Program annually revises and makes freely available a set of educational resources about the Criteria for Performance Excellence and the Baldrige Program. Whether you are planning a presentation—or are just interested in learning more about the Baldrige framework and the national program behind it—consider downloading one or more of the nine PowerPoint presentations posted on the Baldrige Ambassadors web page. The 2014 files include the following:

· The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: Describes the purposes of the award and benefits of applying for it, outlines the eligibility categories and conditions for applying for the Baldrige Award, provides general schedule information and steps in the annual award process, describes the role of Baldrige examiners, provides historical scoring data from the Baldrige Award process, and lists award recipients to date in each sector

· Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence: Comprehensively examines the foundational framework and core values of the Baldrige Criteria and each category; also provides testimonials from senior leaders of organizations using the Criteria in the business/nonprofit sector

Sample slide listing Criteria categories

Sample Slide from “Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence” presentation

· Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence: Same as above, focused on Education Criteria with testimonials from education organizations

· Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence: Same as above, focused on Health Care Criteria with testimonials from health care organizations

· Introduction to the Baldrige Criteria:Introduces the basic purposes and evolution of the Criteria for Performance Excellence, provides a primer on the framework (e.g., describing the systems perspective and core values and concepts), and outlines how to start using the Criteria and related offerings of the Baldrige Program

· Performance Excellence: A Systems Approach and Tools: Details how the Baldrige Criteria can be used effectively as an umbrella or systemic model for organizational performance excellence, complementing such tools and approaches as Six Sigma, Lean, and ISO 9001

· Baldrige Program Impacts: Provides recent data on beneficial impacts of the Baldrige Criteria and national program, particularly in the health care sector, and describes factors in this success, including the network of Baldrige-based programs that are part of the Alliance for Performance Excellence. Also profiles and highlights results of the most recent (2013) Baldrige Award winners

· Introduction to the Baldrige Program: Summarizes the history, accomplishments, and offerings of the Baldrige Program for organizations to get started on a Baldrige journey

· Self-Assessing Your Organization with the Baldrige Criteria: Outlines uses of the Baldrige Criteria and related resources offered by the Baldrige Program for organizational self-assessments

These sets of slides can be customized for use in presentations before organizations of any size and sector.

We hope you’ll share how you’ve spread the word about Baldrige for the benefit of organizations in your industry, community, or professional sphere of influence.

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