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A strategic plan is a practical, action-oriented guide, based upon an examination of internal and external factors. It directs goal setting and resource allocation to achieve desired future results.


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The Stage

At the very heart of strategic planning—and of leadership—is a vision, a vision of where an organisation wants to be in the future. Closely allied to this is the mission statement, describing where the organisation currently is, its unique reason for existence, and its current purpose. Strategic planning seeks to focus the energies of an organisation on achieving its vision through the development of realistic future targets or goals. It focuses on the big picture of what the organisation is doing and where it is going. Strategic planning provides clarity about what a company actually wants to achieve and how it is to go about achieving it, rather than a plan of action for day-to-day operations. It is important to note that strategic planning can also help to define a point of difference from competitors, and thus maximise the potential for success.

Note: has developed a comprehensive strategic planning tool called “Plan4Success”. This is scheduled for launch in April 2009, and can be found at The tool is designed to enable individuals and organisations to develop strategic plans (at their own pace) from the vision stages through to the preparation of effective action plans.

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