The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) encourages your organisation to participate in a 5 minute teaser assessment against the principles that characterize best in class organizations.

To participate click here

Once completed, you will receive a free confidential report on the current state of excellence in your organization.

The assessment tool was developed by Organizational Excellence Specialists (OES) with the support of QLBS’ cloud-based analysis and reporting software. The assessment is based on the Organizational Excellence Framework. This framework integrates the principles and best management practices of the leading excellence models and provides implementation guidelines for practitioners.

Dawn Ringrose, author of the Framework, explains that the framework “helps practitioners to create awareness, conduct assessments, prepare improvement plans and feedback reports, and provide workshops. The ‘technological platform’ helps to automate the foregoing work and is used by licensed practitioners to compare the performance of organizations across industry sectors and geographical regions

Over the past 25 years, research with excellence models (European Foundation for Quality Management, Malcolm Baldrige, Canadian Framework for Excellence, Australian Business Excellence Framework) has demonstrated that successful implementation of an excellence model contributes to developing a culture of excellence and achieving exceptional results such as:

  • good governance
  • trust in leadership
  • customer delight
  • employee engagement
  • work process improvement
  • strong supplier and partner relationships
  • better utilization of resources
  • balanced system of measurement
  • financial results

In collaboration with COER and, OES will be sharing the results of the teaser assessment with readers.
OES and COER are both members of the Global Benchmarking Network – a network that encourages the international sharing of benchmarks and best practices.

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