One of the issues we face is change resistance. We all know change is unavoidable, we are all aware that everything is constantly changing and has an impact on all of us. Change can have a positive or negative impact.

Sometimes we have to change to cope with other changes, such as technology change, market change or supply and demand change. We need to understand the reasons behind the change resistance in order to make the change journey smoother and easier.

Harvard Business School published an article about the top 10 reasons for change resistance:

  1. Loss of control
  2. Excess uncertainty
  3. Surprise, surprise!
  4. Everything seems different
  5. Loss of face
  6. Concerns about competence
  7. More work
  8. Ripple effects
  9. Past resentments
  10. Sometimes the threat is real

Although we can’t eliminate resistance and make people feel comfortable with change we can minimize the side effects through better change management.

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