The 6th International Conference on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard will be held in Dubai on 24-25 September 2017. One of the presenters will be’s long-time friend, Michael McLean from Australia.

Michael’s paper abstract is shown in full below.


Abstract: Update on the 2017 ISO “Integrated USE of Management System Standards” revised Handbook by
Speaker: Michael W McLean, FAICD, FIMC CMC, FAOQ, Juran Medallist, Shilkin Prize, Australia.

ISO TC 176/WG 26 Taskforce 5 Convener for Integrated Use of Management System Standards HB Revision
ISO TC 176/SC2 Working Group 26 Member for ISO 10005 Quality Plans Guidelines Revision
Ai Group Members’ Delegate to Standards Australia for:
QR-008 Quality Committee ISO 9000/9001:2015, AS/NZS 9000/1:2016
QR-008 Quality Committee WG Lead HB-139 ‘A process approach for integrating management systems’
SAI Global Whitepaper Author for Embedding Risk-Based Thinking: ISO 9001 Set (Includes GB 200, GB 201, GB 202, and GB 203-17).

The ISO The Integrated Use of Management System Standards (IUMSS) Handbook (HB) published in 2008, has undergone and extensive revision 2016 by an ISO Task Force with Michael McLean, Australia as the Convenor. The Draft HB is before international ISO JCTG and National Committee Members for Comment for the last meeting in London 11/2017.

The revision was a Project proposed by Standards Australia to ISO Geneva, Switzerland. It recognised that many things had changed for organizations and for ISO too, as all ISO Management System Standards have been revised and standardized. They all have discipline-specific introduction, general directions for use, terminologies, texts for clauses and requirements. These provide organizations the opportunity to build single and integrated management system documented information, that supports the Context of the Organization and more specifically, its Business Processes.

The overarching problem faced by those seeking guidance from management system standards produced by ISO, was how to integrate such as ISO 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001, 50001, 55001, 45001.2:2017 MSS. It was also recognized ISO 10000 series guidelines, ISO 9004 and business excellence models, such as Dubai Quality Award, Baldrige USA, EFQM and Operational Excellence are in use along with non-ISO MSS.

The 2017 IUMSS HB has taken the ISO Annex SL 9.1 as a construct and common requirement for all such based MSS Writers to enable organizations seeking certification to single or multiple standards to “integrate requirements within the organizations business processes”.

The IUMSS 2017 HB has been developed with a Task Force meeting in six National Standard offices and Company Host cities in Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, USA. It included a baking and food ingredients factory tour, an ISO Communique of the revision progress and an international IUMSS Survey which has received over 100 responses and Conference Participants can still participate

Over 15 international Case Studies from SMEs to larger multi-site businesses and uses a case study of “Jim the Baker” as the bakery grows and sustains the business with the benefits ISO and non-ISO MSS, provide guidance and if needed, requirements for conformance and certification.

Organization management will see and hear of complementary approaches and ISO Handbook IUMSSS case studies that demonstrate how they can:

  • Plan, lead, and resource their Integrated Management System plan and transition for ISO and non-ISO MSS by the use of a multiple horizon implementation plan,
  • Support and evaluate their organization’s IMS performance across industry contexts,
  • Continually Improve their IMS and reduce MSS conformance costs by over 30%,
  • Build an integrated management system by the its business processes to suit the organizations context, their Lean/CI/Six Sigma process improvement programs and
  • Utilise ISO 31000 and ISO 31010 RM Guidelines and Techniques to build Risk Based Thinking in the organization as it meets it risks and opportunities.

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