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The BPIR Improvement Cycle


Whether you are in a large or small company, public or private sector, BPIR will help you to move towards business excellence through benchmarking and applying best practices. To provide you with a fast-track towards business excellence the BPIR's membership services are accessed through a unique BPIR Improvement Cycle.

cycle3The Improvement Cycle shows where to start and what to do next. It provides tools, measures, information, and the support you need for each step.

Most of the information in the BPIR's members' area is categorised under the criteria of well-known business excellence frameworks such as the Baldrige Criteria, EFQM Excellence models, and other simple to use models.

Information represents all of the key areas needed to succeed as an organisation. So you don’t have to visit other websites to collect additional information. You can find it all in the BPIR's members' area.

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The table below provides a breakdown of all the content you can access in the improvement cycle.

 Steps for improvement

 BPIR’s Resource


1. Identify/select an area for improvement Self-assessment tools Select from over 85 downloadable process specific self-assessment tools to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
2. Measure performance Performance measures
See sample 
With around 1,200 measures and detailed commentary on how to apply many of them, you will understand how and why you should measure your performance.


3. Benchmark Performance


Benchmarks Contains a database of over 500 benchmarks on all areas of performance with links to the full case studies or articles from which they have been taken.
Competitor analysis Shows 100’s of high performing organisations and the strategies they have used over the last 10 years.

4. Identify a relevant improvement approach or strategy

Strategies, tools and techniques

We have more than 2400 descriptions of strategies, tools, techniques. The largest collection on the web.

5. Learn how to implement your strategy

Expert opinion

Learn more by our expert opinion, further reading, implementing suggestions, and examples of best practice implementation.

Best practice case studies 

1000’s of case studies on the most successful organisations across the world, describing what they do and how and why they do it.

Management brief

A short and easily digestible monthly report on a specific topic or tool and associated best practices. We have a large and growing collection of management briefs. We’ll keep adding a new topic every month.

Baldrige snippets

Read about what these organisations do that makes them so special. We have a growing database of over 200 best practice snippets distilled from Baldrige Business Excellence Award winners and for most we supply links to their homepage so that you can find their benchmarking/business excellence related contact details.

6. Identify best practice organisations

Award winners

Find potential benchmarking partners from our database that contains details of 1000’s of award winning organisations of all sizes and from over 50 countries.

7. Research further information

Research request

Let us know what information you want added to BPIR.com. We will attend to your most popular requests. See the results in monthly newsletters.

Business periodicals

Full on-line access to over 270 popular business journals and magazines containing more than 1,000,000 articles. Use BPIR and you don’t have to subscribe to separate journals or visit separate journal  websites anymore. List of journals and magazines available at BPIR.

Website reviews

Details and profiles of nearly a hundred other websites operating in the business performance field.

8. Implement a best practice approach Implementation tips  Read our tips for implementing your strategy and approach.

9. Review & calibrate

Measures and benchmarks

Use our measures and benchmarks again to evaluate your approach and improve further.

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