The LEREPA is a survey instrument designed to measure qualities of a re-imaginative leader. The instrument can be applied at the micro level of the organization and at the macro level of an entire country or region and is designed to measure the leadership re-imagination quotient of leaders across the world.
This survey now being conducted is a global one. The findings of this survey will enable the Caribbean Leadership Re-Imagination Initiative, and its research partners (Business Process Improvement Resource, Organizational Excellence Technical Committee, Global Benchmarking Network) to provide a global measure of re-imaginative leadership and contribute to the shaping of a discussion on what leadership in the future might or should look like.
Leadership re-imagination explores a number of key leadership competences and commitments, including:

  • Alternatives-thinking
  • Constructive subversion
  • Mutual Accountability
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity

The notion of Leadership Re-imagination is a proposition that there is an approach to leadership that departs from popular practice and conceptions. Leadership Re-Imagination is, in the first place, a discipline in alternatives-thinking. Alternatives-thinking is basically the belief there are smarter, more efficient, more inclusive, more effective, more people-oriented, and more customer-service driven ways of conducting business. Alternatives-thinking assumes there are good ways of getting things done but is characterized by an inclination to wonder aloud whether there might be a better way.
To participate in this inaugural research, that will establish a baseline on the current state of leadership around the globe, please click on the following link . The survey should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and the deadline for completion is June 30 10 July, 2014. Once the survey results have been analyzed, the findings will be shared on . Respondents that have questions about the survey are invited to contact the author directly. Dr. Canute Thompson can be emailed at

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