This October, the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) has issued its periodical newsletter to inform readers of its research findings and initiatives in organisational excellence, benchmarking, and performance improvement.

The first section includes research being undertaken to develop a “guide model” to help professionals select the right performance improvement programme, through the use of a simple step-by-step procedure.

Whether you are looking to know the latest research in the field or you would like to know what are the latest must attend event or even book suggestions and reviews plus much more you will find it in COER newsletter

The contents for the newsletter are listed below:

  1. A GUIDE Model for Selecting Improvement Initiatives to Achieve Organisational Excellence.
  2. The Role of Organisational and National Culture in Business Improvement Initiatives.
  3. What Are the Triggers for Business Excellence?
  4. PhD Opportunities in Best Practice and Business Excellence Research.
  5. Eighty-Six Countries with National Quality/Business Excellence Awards.
  6. The Impact of Business Excellence/Quality Awards: An International Study.
  7. Business Excellence Tools for Self-Assessment.
  8. Professionalising the Application of Benchmarking.
  9. What Will Benchmarking Be Like in 2030? The GBN Wants to Know Your Views.
  10. Finding Best Practices Faster…
  11. Read the Latest News.
  12. Customer Complaints Resolution, Succession Planning and Business Outsourcing.
  13. Benchmarking Support in the Middle East.
  14. Limited’s Growth Plans – Partner Search.
  15. “Must Attend” Events.
  16. Forthcoming Events.
  17. Past Conferences/Events
  18. Book Reviews
  19. Subscribe to COER News.


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