After four successful cycles of Dubai We Learn, an initiative by the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) in partnership with the Centre of Organisational Excellence Research (COER), New Zealand, a 5th cycle was launched on 9 March 2022 by Dr Hazza Al Nuaimi, DGEP Coordinator-General.

Dr Hazza Al Nuaimi, DEGP Coordinator General introducing the 5th Cycle.

This cycle will focus on four joint projects to research best practices in areas of key importance to strengthen the Dubai government and the services it provides:

Four projects focussing on key issues enabling the government to be future-ready


An exciting development for this Dubai We Learn will be the utilisation of Digital DGEP – a state-of-the-art digital platform for eLearning and collaboration between government employees. The digital platform will support on-line training of the TRADE Benchmarking Methodology and aid collaboration between the teams with progress and outcomes shared.

The Digital DGEP platform supporting e-learning and collaboration


For this cycle each team has members from different government entities, therefore the ability to work together and collaborate is essential. The role of the team leader is critical to provide direction and provide an environment in which all team members feel valued and contribute effectively. For this reason, team leaders were selected based on their experience of using the TRADE Benchmarking Methodology and undertaking successful benchmarking projects.

The team leaders of the Four projects

At the launch webinar, Dr Robin Mann, COER Director, explained the various activities and timeline of Dubai We Learn. At its core is the TRADE Benchmarking Methodology with all teams expected to complete the Acquire stage of TRADE (identifying best practices) and partially complete the Deploy stage (to communicate best practices) by the end of the cycle. Full deployment of the best practices is outside of the scope of this cycle, with the main purpose to assist the Dubai government to formulate policies, strategies and services based on each projects’ recommendations. The intention is that these projects are fast-impactful projects, approximately 6 months, that engage with key stakeholders (including the Executive Council) and culminate in a book publication and a series of presentations to stimulate wide-spread engagement and positive change.

Dr Robin Mann, COER Director, explaining the TRADE Methodology

Similar to previous cycles, the fifth cycle will have Knowledge Sharing Summits, where all teams share their progress and learning with each other. Two sharing summits will be held throughout the cycle and a Final Knowledge Sharing Summit on 30 June 2022 to share key recommendations. The 1st Knowledge Sharing Summit will be held on 7 April 2022 and the second on 19 May 2022. As all project teams are using the same methodology it is easy to compare progress, share experiences and ideas. In October 2022, a recognition ceremony is planned to celebrate the launch of the book and the success of each team.

The timeline of the 5th Cycle of Dubai We Learn

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For further information on Dubai We Learn contact:

Maha AlSuwaidi, Senior Consultant, DGEP,

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