The Quality Management Forum is the quarterly refereed publication of the Quality Management Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). The Forum includes articles on quality management as well as information on QMD activities such as the annual conference and the certified quality manager program.


In this issue:

  • A Special Edition on Organizational Excellence, By Prashant Hoskote
  • Chair’s Message, by Jan Tucker
  • Sustaining Business Excellence at Organizational and National Levels, by Dr Robin Mann
  • The Need for Self-Assessment in a Diverse Emerging Economy, by Paul Harding
  • The Value of Excellence Awards: An Australian Perspective, by Ravi Fernando
  • Organizational Excellence Frameworks – How to Fail, by Prashant Hoskote
  • News from the QMD/HCD Healthcare Technical Committee
  • Book Review: Quality-I is Safety-II: The Integration of Two Management Systems
  • Coach’s Corner, by J.R. McGee

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