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Did you see this and similar articles yesterday and today in our American business press? Here is another “American business” debacle – my former employer in Rochester, NY is about to “sell out” to the Japanese.

Recall that the Japanese came to the US to do benchmarking in the post WWII time frame (1950’s), then Xerox went back to Japan to do benchmarking with them in the late 1970’s, and now sells out to them. Close to what has occurred with Kodak in Rochester, New York, as well as “many other” former large Fortune 500 businesses.

Another sad case of declining American Competitiveness. Sorry to say, in all humility, I mentioned these issues to their senior leadership back in 1974 or 1975. See the attached “people management” document from that era – Download from here.

What you say and what you do – lack of leadership again. Not a good tribute or legacy to David Kearns, former CEO, who I worked for and with “off and on” from 1973-76 and tracked his efforts until he departed from Xerox and became or Secretary of Education:

And, as many of you may recall, Xerox was an early winner of our US-based Malcolm Baldrige award. Alas, that leadership by David Kearns did not sustain the company over a longer period of time. It did not become an in-depth integrated cultural value. Or, has Tom Friedman from the New York Times wrote several years ago in the title of his book ago, “That Used to Be Us.”
The United States is in continual need of sustained, transformational leadership in many areas. What can and will we learn from this going forward as part of our global benchmarking across all sectors of our society

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