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Completing its 3rd Cycle on 22 December 2019, the Final (4th) Knowledge Sharing Summit of the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) was held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai. The agenda was to celebrate the Best Practice learning across all projects and give recognition to all the ten project teams who had been working relentlessly, displaying unwavering commitment over the last year. The ten Dubai We Learn – Excellence Makers Program Project Teams were awarded using the TRADE Best Practice Certification system.

At the final event attended by project sponsors, key stakeholders, guests and project team members, the projects were scrutinized for their quality and evaluated for their performance impact by an esteemed expert panel of judges that included Professor Dotun Adebanjo, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom, Dr. Woon Kin Chung, Previous Head of Singapore’s Productivity Centre, Singapore, and Mr. Arndt Husar, Senior Public Management Specialist (Digital Transformation), Asian Development Bank, Philippines.

Amidst an exhilarated audience, the 7 Star projects that received a TRADE Benchmarking Proficiency Certificate with Commendation were:

  • Dubai Municipality – Digital Transformation of Contracts;
  • Dubai Police – Airport Secure Luggage (Safe Bags);
  • Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services – Moonshot: Is Where Magic Happens.

Coming close with impressive performance were the 5 to 6 Star projects that received a TRADE Benchmarking Proficiency Certificate with Commendation were:

  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority – EV Green Charger 2.0;
  • Community Development Authority – Enabling Happiness;
  • Dubai Health Authority – Dubai Heart Safe City.
  • Dubai SME (Agency of Department of Economic Development) – Improving Entrepreneur’s Business Guidance & Start-Up Services

Showing immense potential and foresight were the 3 to 4 Star projects that received a TRADE Benchmarking Proficiency Certificate:

  • Dubai Land – Smart Property Valuation;
  • Road & Transport Authority – Return on Innovation for Agile Innovation Journey;
  • General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs – Cooperative Integration System.

The achievements by all teams has been exceptional considering the shortened time of Dubai We Learn this year with teams encouraged to resubmit in May 2020 after they had had more time to deploy best practices and demonstrate results over a longer period of time… We are expecting greater achievements to follow to make this the most successful Dubai We Learn so far!

Group photo during the Final Ceremony, Dubai We Learn 2019

“I think these are very laudable projects in their 3rd round of Dubai We Learn. Over the years, I have seen great improvements in the quality of benchmarking proficiencies and benchmarking skills of the teams. The projects have had a very significant impact on Dubai society and economy, and also the health of the people,” reflected Professor Dotun Adebanjo. “One of the outstanding projects last year was the Dubai Health Authority project which has helped tackle diabetes within Dubai. I think if you replicate these sorts of projects across many entities over the years, it will have a major impact on society, and I have been very happy to be involved with DWL,” he concluded.

DGEP and COER will in the next 6 months publish a book, ‘Achieving Performance Excellence Through Benchmarking and Organisational Learning’ showcasing the discoveries of the 3rd Cycle of Dubai We Learn. This will follow on from the book of the 2nd Cycle of Dubai We Learn that was launched at the conference

Click here to download the book.

For more information on Dubai We Learn contact:

Dr. Zeyad Mohammad El Kahlout, Senior Quality and Excellence Advisor,
Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP).

Or contact Dr Robin Mann to learn more about the TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking Methodology,

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