Benchmarking Certification

Individuals trained in TRADE can advance from benchmarking “Trained” to “Proficiency” to “Mastery”. The status of Trained is given based on an individual attending an approved training course by a certified training instructor. The status of Proficiency is granted based on the submission of a completed benchmarking project which needs to meet a minimum of a 3 Star standard, projects assessed as 5 to 7 Stars receive a Commendation.

The status of Mastery is conferred based on the submission of two completed benchmarking projects, one of which needs to be graded at a “Commendation” level. Individuals that reach Mastery have the skills and experience necessary to facilitate or lead benchmarking projects in such a way that they are likely to lead to significant operational and financial gains.

Applying for Benchmarking Proficiency or Mastery Certification

For information on how to apply, download the following documents: