The EFQM is organising two interesting webinars on 22nd and 24th of May, the webinars will be conducted by Charlie Tuxworth and Hervé Legenvre and, the webinars are free to attend, just register through the links below.


Overcoming the theatre of innovation, 22 May

Many CEOs and business leaders could be accused of ‘putting on a show’ when it comes to the subject of innovation. While it’s important to demonstrate to customers, employees and shareholders that an organisation is ‘innovative’, there are far too many occasions where innovation stops at the marketing message.
When senior leaders are asked if they are innovative, they must be able to give a better answer than “yes, of course. Innovation is one of the values we outline on our website”. Investing in a dedicated Innovation Lab is a big step in the right direction – but building Excellence in Innovation requires more than a ‘cool’ stage from which to present a theatre of innovation. This webinar will outline how a structured, repeatable approach to innovation can lead to Innovation Excellence.

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Towards business ecosystem excellence, 24 May

Today the innovation landscape is changing. It calls for more partnerships with external partners and very often partnerships with companies we barely knew before. This requires to build, attract and engage with a solid ecosystem of external partners. The webinar will open a discussion on what on what it means to excel at this. The webinar will start by setting the context and describing How is the business and innovation landscape changing and What could Excellence mean in this context

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