Come to the NZBEF Conference 10/11 May 2021, in Wellington to find out why and what you can do about it.
In Sport we are winners. We can win the oldest sporting trophy in the World or become champions at any sport we take seriously. But when it comes to business productivity the story is very different.

A working paper published by the NZ Productivity Commission in 2021/01 “Benchmarking New Zealand’s frontier firms” reports:

“New Zealand’s frontier firms, which are the most productive firms (the top 10%) are falling further behind their counterparts in other Small Advanced Economies (SAE’s). Their relative labour productivity ratio has dropped from 52% in 2003 to 44% in 2016. This indicates that New Zealand’s frontier firms generate less than half of the value (per labour input) their counterparts generate in other SAEs.”

The NZBEF conference theme “Improve” seeks your participation to do something about this. It is kicked off by “Sir Ian Taylor” who will tell the story of “continuous Improvement” in the America’s Cup and refer to his own world leading company Animated Research ltd that seeks excellence with the same passion.

The Naval theme is maintained by holding the event at the Navy HQ and our Defence Force talk about their commitment to continuous improvement. A commitment that NZBEF are hoping will inspire Business to follow. Leaders will also share their ideas, demonstrate support and look for ways forward.

We then celebrate Excellence by sharing the best practices of 10 New Zealand organisations competing for the New Zealand Best Practice Competition Award. The conference then lifts its head to look at Global Best Practice. 12 Finalists from the International Best Practice Competition will share best practices in diverse areas such as Covid recovery, leadership, digital, customer focus and productivity.

This is a one-off opportunity to learn from the very best in NZ and worldwide and ramp up NZ’s productivity!

So book now at and make a difference for future generations.

To view over 70 best practices to be shared in lead-up webinars from 26 April to 6 May and at the NZBEF Conference, 10-11 May, view

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