6 Continents. 15 Countries. 90+ Teams. And Passion. That’s what it took to make our planet a melting pot of best practices and business excellence in 2023. The 9th International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) 2023, the 5th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award (OWIA) 2023, the Global Benchmarking Network’s (GBN) 8th Global Benchmarking Award 2023, and the 4th New Zealand Best Practice Competition (NZBPC) 2023 assembled some of the most brilliant and brightest minds in the world from the public, private, and non-government sector in its shared vision to build a universal community of business excellence professionals and leaders.

After the awards announcement, Dr Robin Mann, Director, the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, and Founder, the International Best Practice Competition said,
An international business environment that is sustainable and synergistic is our collective responsibility. Our ability to share and learn from each other and gain inspiration from various industries, ideas, and best practices to come up with solutions that benefit everyone is only possible through international collaboration. And we welcome everyone to be a part of this mission.

The awards serve to encourage and motivate others to follow in the footsteps of the best practices and excellence approaches and give hope to those who strive to make a positive difference in their corner of the world.

Dr Robin Mann thanking all the organisations that assisted in promoting the International Best Practice Competition and supporting the event with expert judges.

Several Rounds of assessments were conducted by independent international panels of experts between 19 June 2023 and 2 August 2023 for meticulous evaluation of the written application submissions, presentations, and live Q&A Sessions with the participating teams. The event reached its closing stage with the official announcement of the winners and recipients of the awards on July 20, 2023, and August 03, 2023.

Watch the video of the announcement:

The awards honoured the achievements of the winners and participants as follows:

The 9th International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) 2023:

1. WINNERS – Seven 7-STAR BEST PRACTICE were announced which were at the level of International Best Practice (Role Model, World-Class, Wow!)
2. Seven 6-STAR BEST PRACTICE RECIPIENTS were announced at the level of International Best Practice (Outstanding)
3. Nine ADDITIONAL 6-STAR STAR BEST PRACTICES were announced that were exceptional but were not the Finalists of the Competition.
4. THE PIONEER IN EXCELLENCE PRIZE WINNER 2023 was awarded to the organisation that had Five (5) Best Practices Assessed at 5 Stars and above:
Winner: Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., India
5. THE PIONEER IN EXCELLENCE PRIZE WINNER 2023 was awarded to the organisation that had Nine (9) Best Practices Assessed at 4 Stars and above:
Winner: Dubai Police, UAE
6. CATEGORY PRIZES 2023: The strongest best practice per category was selected (based on the highest star rating and Judges’ decision). The IBPC Category Awards 2023 recognise the outstanding contributions of best practices in the following areas:

The Category International Best Practice Competition Winners 2023

Winner – Arya Sasol Polymer Company, Iran – The judges were impressed by the winner’s approach to innovation in the ten areas of leadership; strategic planning; recruitment, training and development; processes, tools and techniques; ideas and best practice management; facilities and resources; people and culture; stakeholder relationships; metrics; and results.

Screenshot of Arya Sasol’s Implementation Rate of Ideas


Winner – Dubai Municipality, UAE – The judges investigated the winning team’s leadership commitment to benchmarking, the pervasiveness of benchmarking, the formality of benchmarking, and the results achieved.

Screenshot of Dubai Municipalities benchmarking approach

4TH NEW ZEALAND BEST PRACTICE COMPETITION 2023 – Two organisations were awarded the title for their best practice excellence at the national level.
• Tuatahi First Fibre Limited, New Zealand
• Unipharm Health Manufacturing Co. Ltd, New Zealand

Please watch the video for the full list of winners, winning best practices, and Star Ratings of the OWIA, GBA, NZBPC, IBPC CATEGORY AWARDS, and PIONEER IN EXCELLENCE PRIZES 2023.

Certificates and Verified Badges
The organisers would like to congratulate all awardees and participants for their outstanding accomplishments! All applicants of the awards will receive a Certificate for their achievement and best practice Star-Rating. In addition, all presenters and Q&A participants will receive a verified badge with the Star-Rating.

By the 1 September 2023, you will be able to sign in to BPIR.com to read the applications and watch the presentations and Q&A rounds of the participating and winning teams of all of the above awards. Meanwhile, you can access 1000s of other best practices from around the world on BPIR.com. For updates on submission timelines for the 10th EDITION of the International Best Practice Competition 2024, follow the BPIR.com News Section and BPIR.com LinkedIn page.

For queries or more information on the awards, contact Dr Robin Mann, Director, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), R.S.Mann@massey.ac.nz.

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