November is celebrated annually as World Quality Month, providing an opportunity to recognize the significant role that quality plays in all aspects of our lives. From businesses and organizations to communities and nations, quality is the driving force that shapes our shared progress towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

As we mark World Quality Month 2023, PIQC Institute of Quality curated thought-provoking perspectives from distinguished quality leaders and practitioners around the world. Representing countries across multiple continents, these individuals have contributed greatly to advancing the quality movement through their work.

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Dr. Kamran Moosa, Pakistan
Chief Executive, PIQC Institute of Quality

Pakistan stands at a pivotal moment, faced with challenges in its governance, politics, economics, industrial and core values. However, every challenge brings an opportunity for transformation. This World Quality Month serves as a call to action: to reshape our nation with a steadfast commitment to Quality and Excellence. We pledge to steer our nation towards a brighter horizon. It’s time to realign ourselves, striving for excellence in all we do, fostering a culture of learning, adopting best practices, complying to global standards and adapting the principles of Quality with care and dedication. United in this mission, the promise of a brighter future is in our hands. Join the movement. Let us commit to a world-class Pakistan from now onwards.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman, Pakistan
Chairman, Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan

Recognizing World Quality Month is crucial, as Quality plays an integral role in shaping our professional and personal lives. Quality is the cornerstone of excellence, driving progress and innovation. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not just a choice; it’s a necessity for a brighter future. I’m honored to contribute to this initiative. “Quality is the compass guiding us towards a future of enduring excellence and unwavering integrity.

Prof Dr. Ali Sajid, Pakistan
Chairman, Quality & Productivity Society of Pakistan, Director LAMDA

I’m delighted to highlight World Quality Month 2023. This month, let’s commit to enhancing quality in every sphere, especially in public and private, service and manufacturing sectors. The goal of Quality Month is to embed Quality in our processes, driving economic growth via top-tier standards and best practices. Quality-conscious team players are vital, and by following Total Quality Management guidelines, we can elevate our global standards. Emphasizing quality can significantly boost Pakistani exports. I urge all Pakistani professionals and entrepreneurs to incorporate Quality Management principles daily, enhancing workflow and strengthening organizational reputation.

Abdur Razzaq Gauhar, Pakistan
Chairman, Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM)

World Quality Month provides an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and organizations in promoting excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. Let us reflect on the significant role that quality plays the most important role in our daily routines, businesses, and society as a whole. It is vital to cultivate a culture of Quality by embracing best practices, fostering collaboration, and seeking ways to exceed customer expectations. Let’s work together to enhance quality standards, promote efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. By prioritizing quality in all our endeavors, we can inspire positive change and build a better future for all.

Zubair Anwar, Pakistan
Member Leader at American Society for Quality – Thought Leader at BIETS Center of Excellence

On the occasion of World Quality Month 2023, we affirm and reassure our commitment to a step further. In the era of contemporary digital revolution, it is imperative to transform to the relevant technological frameworks, systems, and tools which help in achieving and sustaining Excellence through Quality in the longer term. We welcome global collaborations of Thought Leaders promoting the standards and the innovation restraining the imitation and counterfeiting.

Imran Ullah Shariff, Pakistan
Chief Operating Officer, PIQC Institute of Quality

In our rapidly evolving digital world, the importance of quality has taken a center stage. It is vital to recognize how the pursuit of quality has become a necessity in this era. From secure online transactions to user-friendly apps, from smart cities to entertainment, quality underpins the digital experiences we rely on a daily basis. The advent of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, has opened up new opportunities and challenges. By embracing quality, organizations not only meet today’s demands but also prepare for the challenges and opportunities that the digital future holds.

Mian Salimuddin, Pakistan
Ex-Chairman, Quality & Productivity Society of Pakistan

“O my people give just measure and weight, nor withhold from the people the things that are their due” (Quran 11:85). As practicing Muslims, after making the pledge of buying and selling according to the way of Islam, it is only fair to hand over the agreed-upon goods in a complete and perfect condition. We have only to make quality as a way of life. Purity in our thoughts and actions, cleanliness in our environment, honesty in our dealings with others and in trade and industry – doing an honest day’s work and delivering goods and services that not only satisfy but delight. We spent a lot of time teaching our workforce about quality tools & techniques. It’s time to also teach them what our religion demands about “doing the right things when nobody is watching”.

Abdul Wahid Mir, Pakistan
Director General, EQUIP Pakistan

In a world overwhelmed by IT and AI, the essence of Quality is not just a standard; it’s a commitment to excellence that transforms businesses and lives both. Adopting quality is more important in the Pakistani perspective as it is the cornerstone of innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth. Embracing Quality today ensures resilience tomorrow, fostering trust and loyalty. As professionals, let us champion the pursuit of Quality, igniting a revolution in how we work, create, and serve. Together, we can shape a future where Quality isn’t just a measure; it’s the very fabric of our success, driving progress, and enriching every endeavor.

Syed Munawar Shah, Pakistan
Director, SPS The Eaglets, Ex-Chairman, QPSP

As World Quality Day dawns upon us, let’s collectively embrace the paradigm of excellence. Quality isn’t merely a checkpoint; it’s the cornerstone of our success and shows the way forward. It embodies our relentless commitment to deliver our best in everything we do. We aspire to a culture where excellence thrives in our professional and personal lives. Quality is more than meeting a standard; it’s a mindset, a lifestyle, an ethos we hold dear. Quality is an ongoing journey. Together, let’s drive towards perfection, recognizing it’s not merely a destination but an ever-evolving path to greatness.

Dr. Khurram Nawaz, Pakistan
Director, Canadian Institute of Organizational Excellence

Quality mindset reflects in routine lifestyle as quality appears in everything, we do whether it is personal, public, professional or organizational life. For long-term business success in a highly competitive environment, Quality culture is crucial for organizations that necessitate the quality of management to act as a role model for quality initiatives. As the world is moving towards digitalization in pursuit of an industry 4.0, stringent focus on Quality 4.0 by synchronizing organizational excellence and operational excellence practices, ensuring data quality and analytics, reinforcing of quality of management with a leading role and nurturing capability would become a critical success factor for any business to retain a competitive advantage.

Dr. Syed Mairajuddin Shah, Pakistan
Chief Operating Officer, Off-Campus Hospitals – AKUH, Karachi

Quality transcends certificates, accolades, and scores. It’s the embodiment of our daily commitment to excellence in our professional journey, reflecting in our actions, interactions, and unwavering adherence to our job-specific standards.

Dr. Imran Waheed, Pakistan
Fellow, Japanese Council of Radiology

During World Quality Month, we salute the unwavering commitment to quality improvement from the entire healthcare sector. It’s a time to highlight the excellence achieved through refining medical practices, where every role, from administrative staff to surgeons, contributes to superior patient care. Let’s keep striving for excellence in every procedure, diagnosis, and treatment, as we continue to elevate the standard of healthcare for all.

Dr. Lubna Mushtaque, Pakistan
Head of Quality and Monitoring Dte, Indus Hospital and Health Network

Patient safety and quality improvement are crucial aspects of healthcare that have a significant impact on patient outcomes, overall healthcare delivery, and public trust in the healthcare system. Providing the best possible care isn’t just about preventing errors; it’s about ensuring the right patient gets the right care at the right time. Quality indicates that standardize practices are essential for establishing resilient health care systems that can meet people’s needs by giving foundations of quality health care services. Achieving and maintaining high standards of quality care is integral to ensuring patient safety in any healthcare settings.

Prof. Dr. S. Mohsin Ali Kazmi, Pakistan
Director Continuing Engineering Education and Training Center, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

In the realm of professional pursuits, where the only mentor is one’s self development, lack of visionary approach often leads one to a gloomy dead end. Yet, commitment to quality ignites a permanent lamp inside which not only illuminates his path but also makes him a torchbearer for others. This journey is simple to start from anywhere at any moment with a strong conviction to do things as per one’s knowledge and commitment to learn forever.

Asif Saeed Haider, Pakistan
Director, Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell – AAQIC, UMT

We find ourselves in an era defined by the rising of technology and industrial revolution. Buzzwords such as innovation, invention, and sustainability pervade our discourse. Technology has significantly enhanced human ability to harness the power of cutting-edge advancements like AI, IoT, augmented reality, and Big data, for success. In this context, technology isn’t merely a choice but necessity. On World Quality Day, I wish to pay homage to Deming, the visionary paragon of excellence who laid the foundation for the Quality movement and invigorated the quality culture in our everyday life. So, my heartfelt congratulations to all those who still remain committed to upholding quality as the top priority for a sustainable and prosperous life.

Dr. Lars Sorqvist, Sweden
President, International Academy for Quality – IAQ

Today, quality management is more critical than ever. By understanding customer needs and aligning people’s efforts towards value creation, customer satisfaction, and effectiveness, sustainable success could be reached and maintained in an unpredictable and fast-changing world. Leadership based on quality and continual improvements is the foundation for excellence. The knowledge of Quality is essential if today’s massive investments in new technology should give the expected results. Quality gives the possibility to reach sustainable development and fulfill the needs of future generations.

Dr. Ayed Alamri, Saudi Arabia
President – Saudi Quality Council, Academician IAQ

Building a culture of quality in organizations and society is the first and continuous step in the quality journey.

Dr. Robin Mann, New Zealand
Chairman, Global Benchmarking Network, Director – Center for Organizational Excellence Research

In today’s fast-paced world, the trinity of quality, benchmarking, and best practices are a necessity for any business that wishes to be competitive and sustain their success. Quality is the foundation upon which management systems, products and services should be built; and benchmarking represents the continual quest to search for and learn best practices. Whereas, the implementation of best practices delivers efficiency gains and differentiates one organization from another to gain a competitive advantage. In this month of Quality, I encourage all business professionals to invest at least one day to learn more about these topics and how to apply them in the workplace

Dr. Greg Watson, Finland
Academician, International Academy for Quality, Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd.

Each year the recurrence of World Quality Month reminds us to reinvigorate our commitment to quality and its improvement in all aspects of our lives. The most generic way to describe this is to increase our persistent pursuit of goodness in all of life’s dimensions, coupled tightly with the relentless avoidance of badness. This objective must be continually renewed as a personal commitment to quality, accept accountability for identifying triggers that redirect us from our desired path, and effectively implement countermeasures to our work and stay on track as desired by our customers. It is this journey that we have chosen as a lifetime obligation on behalf of the global community of humanity for the preservation of a habitable environment. We must persevere to improve life on this planet for everyone, everywhere.

David Hutchins, UK
Academician, International Academy for Quality – Chairman David Hutchinson int’l College

The challenge is to attempt to leave the world in a slightly better place than it was when we were born. Unfortunately, there are equally strong forces to the contrary. It is our role, all of us who believe in Quality to do all we can to overcome those forces, not with fighting but by demonstrating that there is a better way that we can demonstrate through our work in ‘Quality’, and this is the month where we celebrate it. I was inspired in my early life by Professor Kaoru Ishikawa – a great pioneer of the Quality movement. He said Total Quality Control (TQC) is based on the idea that each person is the expert in his or her own job and that TQM aims to use the collective thinking power and job knowledge of everyone on the payroll to work together to make their company the best in its business and to bring out man’s infinite capabilities. This statement has been at the core of my work ever since and I hope that it helps to instill the same inspiration in each of you.

Hesam Aref Kashfi, Iran
Honorary Chairman and President, Iranian Society of Quality Managers, Academician IAQ

We are approaching the centenary of introducing Quality science by Dr. Shewhart through his outstanding book “Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product” launched in 1931. During the last decades, quality has been evolving in all dimensions both in theory and practice. Nowadays, in celebrating World Quality Month we are facing new orientations and scope and a broader application with an expanded body of knowledge as well as a treasured heritage of best practices. As quality professionals, we should be proud of our continued contribution to the realization of quality for society, quality for nature and quality for humanity towards a future worth living and collectively spread the voice of “Viva Quality”.

Dr. Narimane Hadj-Hamou, UAE
CEO, Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions

Quality in higher education stands as the foundation of any thriving society. It holds the potential to shape a new generation of leaders, instilling in them the virtues of insightfulness, critical thinking, and analytical skills required to act as responsible global citizens. Quality education is not merely about creating or disseminating knowledge; it refines the indispensable skill needed to address today’s complex global challenges. As the late Professor Mohamed Zairi said “Quality is the answer to all our needs. It protects our life, nourishes our senses, guides our dreams, and defines our purposes.”

Dr. Hayal KÖKSAL, Turkey
DG (TR), President – Association of Innovative Collaboration (YİMEDER), Director WCTQEE

Awareness is one of the main and initial steps of the quality improvement efforts. That gains much more significance at educational institutions. Creating quality awareness, starting from early years of childhood and then empowering the young people through quality based national and international projects are the best ways of spreading the TQM philosophy to all community including the business world and local governments.

Prof. Dinesh Chapagain, Nepal
Author, Students’ Quality Circles, National Expert on Quality in Nepal

Only quality people can produce quality products and deliver qualityservices. Present day education and training must aim and focus on producing quality people. Quality people are those who have two prominent characters – be good to serve the society and be smart to excel in the profession. Students’ Quality Circle (SQC) having collaboratively solving problems at schools is an innovative psychosocial education process which facilitates young minds to be quality people. Develop yourself to have a collaborative attitude. At the same time, compete yourself to enhance your ability.

Mah Lok Abdullah, Malaysia
Chairman MyNAC Malaysia, Hon. Fellow of Asian Productivity Organization

On 9th November this year, we, the Quality professionals, will celebrate World Quality Day. A day to create and increase awareness of Quality in improving our environment and standard of living. However, quality successes should not only be celebrated for a day, a week, or a month. We should be striving for improving Quality every day.

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